From a Level 2 Equine Care and Management to a BSc Hons Equine Business Management Student.

I have worked with horses for the last 10 years and went onto study at Askham Bryan college in York in 2013. It all started with work placement which I started on the Askham Bryan college yard as well as working in the yard office.

The yard work included general yard duties, mucking out, grooming/ clipping, rugging, turning out and preparing horses to be turned out, putting horses on the horse walker and in level 3 supervising other students. The office role entailed administration, communicating via phone or emails, setting a weekly planner for all horse’s exercise, faxing and printing. In addition to this as part of my work experience I went into the medical sector working at a variety of horse events including the races.

I helped with the set up and on the day at British Eventing Horse Trials at Askham Bryan. Setting up included dressage arenas, XC course and Show Jumping arena/course. On the day, I help in the show jumping box with scoring, filling forms out and using the radio to communicate with other judges, vet and or paramedics. For the last 3 years I have set up events and ran the events on the day, with 7 other event stewards to help on the day. In 2017 I helped at a local show which was running of the clear round jumping classes and show jumping classes.

I have also sold brochures at the Royal Highland Show, East Riding Country Show and the Driffield Show. November 2017, I setup and ran a 30-day campaign which has given me experience and knowledge of how to set up, run and manage a campaign.

In 2018, I was given the biggest opportunity to pursue my career of an Event assistant at Bramham Horse Trials, this role was a huge success and now has helped me to either set my own event business up or get a job within the Events sector as an Event assistant then work up the ladder as an Event Manager.

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