Going out in York – A guide to the student hotspots

Just because Askham Bryan is on the outskirts of York city centre, does not mean you have to miss out on the night life. Luckily for us, there are two large Uni’s (York St John and York Uni) already occupying the city of York. This means that bars and clubs are ready and waiting to cater for skint students.

Two places I would absolutely recommend to start the night at are: The Lowther and Yates.

Yates is a pretty well-known chain and could be described as a slightly nicer, clubbier version of Weatherspoons. I say ‘clubbier’ purely for the fact that it has a dance floor. On a Wednesday night, free entry to Yates is granted by showing your student card and then you can enjoy drinks on a budget with their £1 a pint deal.

The Lowther is another super student friendly bar, starting with free entry you can’t go wrong. Once you’re inside, go buy a Lowther Card with your first order of drinks.

A Lowther Card allows you to get 15% off all drinks and this deal obviously applies to the most popular of student drinks, the triple. 3 shots of any spirit and any mixer for £2.85 with a Lowther Card. Can’t go wrong with that.

After a few drinks in either of the above places (or a visit to both), the next stop is Kuda.

The largest nightclub in York; where the floor is always sticky, the tunes are always banging and the drinks are always flowing. Thankfully Kuda is very close to several food outlets and take-aways, so at the end of the night you can grab something to munch on while waiting for your taxi. One thing to note, do not eat in the taxi. The drivers get very annoyed when garlic mayo gets smeared all over their car seats, understandably I suppose!

As well as the 3 places above, there are plenty of other bars and nightclubs in York that are worth a visit: Salvation, Society, Revolution, VUDU, Popworld (recommend!) and Fibbers.
After your night out, all that’s left is to split the taxi fare back to Askham with a few of your mates.

One thing I will say is: if you are going to go out, make sure you’re awake enough to get to lectures the next day! You still have a degree to complete remember…

Key tip – down a pint of water before you go to bed to minimise any hangover you might have the next day!